Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter in more than one category?

Yes. There is no limit on how many categories an entry may be considered for. Each entry needs to be made separately, and the appropriate application fee applies to each individual entry. You may duplicate an existing nomination to enter additional categories; simply log in under the Nominations link and copy or modify your nominations as needed.

Why is there an application fee?

The Best of State receives no funding from government entities and relies solely on sponsorship and application fees to fund operations. The application fee also filters out frivolous entries, ensuring that our volunteer judges will not have to spend unnecessary time reviewing non-serious entries. There is a reduced application fee of $85 that applies to specific non-commercial categories, which are marked with an asterisk in the listings under the Nominations link.

What is the application fee used for?

The application fee helps cover the administrative expenses of collecting and processing the applications, including website development and programming. It also helps pay for the awards themselves, mailing and communication with the judges, and expenses related to the presentation of the awards.

What if I can't find a suitable category?

Send us an email describing your business or activity and we can make suggestions for which categories may be suitable. You may also email us to suggest additional categories. If a suggestion is made early enough, we may be able to get it approved and add it for this year. Many of our best new categories this year came directly from applicants' inquiries and suggestions.

Is it OK to nominate myself or my business or organization?

Yes. While many people are a little uncomfortable with this at first, we encourage self-nomination. You know more about your story and accomplishments than anyone else and can therefore give more information to the judges.

Do the judges look at self-nominations differently than nominations made by others?

No. There is no difference between self-nominations and nominations by others. The judges have no way of knowing who the nominator is. Their view of the nomination contains only the information about the nominee.

How will I know if I won?

Medal winners' names will be posted on the website in late April. We will also notify medal winners by email at the address provided in the application. Best of State Statue winners will be announced at the Best of State Awards Gala.

What are the judging criteria?

There are three basic judging criteria used by the judges, and each has a different weight.

The Best of State judging process involves a 100-point system. The 100 points are allotted in the three following areas:

50 points are possible regarding the overall excellence, superiority and quality of a nominee's products, services or performance.

30 points are possible regarding the creativity which nominees display to differentiate themselves from their competition.

20 points are possible regarding the nominee's accomplishments to improve the quality of life in their community and state, and their efforts to make the world a better place.

Who are the judges?

There are different panels of judges for each of the ten divisions. Judges are selected from all over Utah and volunteer their time to review and score applications. Each judge has been recommended by a Utah Chamber of Commerce, an industry association, or a Utah mayor's office, as being a leader or expert in their particular field.

Can I enter every year? Can I win two years in a row?

We encourage applicants and previous winners to enter every year. There is no limit on how many years you can win.

I entered last year, but didn't win. Is there any sense in entering this year?

Definitely. Each year, many of the scores are extremely close. Some nominees were beat out by a fraction of a point, so those who didn't win should not be discouraged. There is also a new mix of judges every year. In addition, you may be able to improve and strengthen your nomination with new information.

Once I submit my nomination, can I change it or add to it?

Yes. You can view your nomination exactly as it will appear to the judges. You can edit it and change it until you are happy with it. And even after you approve it and submit it, you can return and modify it as many times as you need to before the deadline.

What if somebody misrepresents their accomplishments?

Best of State® reserves the right to reject or disqualify any nomination which it deems, in any part, to be unsuitable, unworthy, or unwarranted for a Best of State Award
Best of State® reserves the right to de-certify and de-list any Best of State Award winner, and to rescind and revoke any Best of State Award, for any misrepresentation, fraud, theft, crime, dishonesty, or unseemly behavior, which the officers of Best of State deem to be unbecoming of a Best of State Award Winner, and unworthy of a Best of State Award.