2012 Winners By Category

Arts and Entertainment

Literary Arts

Literary Arts - Children's Book
"Invasion of the Grumpies" by Thal Dixon

Literary Arts – Fiction
Josi S. Kilpack

Literary Arts Journalism
SLUG Magazine

Literary Arts - Non-fiction
"In Pain We Trust" by Vicki Whiting, Ph.D. and Kevin Whiting

Literary Arts – Playwriting
Jeffrey Gold

Literary Arts – Screenwriting
Jeffrey Gold

Performing Arts

Performing Arts - Children's Performing Group
Vivaldi Quartet


Performing Arts - Choral Group
Salt Lake Choral Artists


Performing Arts – Choreographer
Jennifer Hill-Barlow


Performing Arts - Dance Group
Odyssey Dance Theatre


Performing Arts - Individual Dancer
Veronica Yeager


Performing Arts - Instrumental Group
Alina Geslison and Grace Dayton


Performing Arts - Original Music Composition
Jeffrey Gold


Performing Arts - Specialty Act
Pirate & Princess Parties


Performing Arts - Talent Representation
Utah Live Bands, LLC


Performing Arts - Theater Group / Director
Hale Center Theatre


Performing Arts - Vocal / Instrumental Band
Caleb Chapman's Crescent Super Band


Performing Arts - Youth Dance Group
Odyssey 2


Performing Arts – Orchestra
American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic


Performing Arts - Youth Instrumental Group
Caleb Chapman's Little Big Band


Visual Arts

Visual Arts – Carving
Brian K. Baity


Visual Arts - Digital Art
Rachel Ann Wadsworth


Visual Arts – Documentary
Curt Wallin Media Arts & Price Museum of Speed


Visual Arts - Drawing / Illustration
Darin Ashby


Visual Arts - Instructional / Corporate Video
Utah Department of Transportation


Visual Arts - Painting – Classical
Darin Ashby


Visual Arts - Portrait Photography
Busath Studio & Gardens


Visual Arts – Publication
Mountain Express Magazine


Visual Arts – Sculpture
Tod L. Wadsworth


Visual Arts - Wedding Photography
Pepper Nix